Create SSL


This tool creates a SelfSigned SSL certificate.

You can use the tool for the following purpose:

  • Create private key and a self-issued SSL (will show error in browser)


Enter data for your SSL certificate (the following content is an example)

FQDN of the primary server name is used. Ex.
E-mail address of contact that is typically blank (no content)
Company Name of the owner of the certificate, remember to be identical with company registration
Possibly. Business Department, Ex IT department. If none write same as Company Name
City name of the company, from company registration (CVR)
The State in Denmark is typically the municipility or same as city
Land of the company's primary address or place of use
Key Type and size of the certificate, the default recommended is 2048 bits
Algorithm used for self-issued certificate, the default recommended is SHA-1
Validity of self-issued SSL, higher than 10 years can cause unexpected problems

Important Information - Read first!

This tool is designed for easy creation of CSR and SSL certificates. We do best effort to keep this server secure and your private key is never saved. For highest security levels please create private keys and CSR on your local servers.

Creating Private Key...
(Creating a random key takes a while...)

Creating Public Key...
(This is your SelfSigned SSL Certificate)

Almost done, please wait...
(Just finishing last touches)

Uhoh we should be done by now
(This may be due to high load on server, please wait...)

Uhoh we should be done by now
(This may be due to high load on server, please wait...)


The small print

Use of this tool is at your own risk and it is provided only for your ease of use. We do best effort to secure the server and it's data, but history shows that no computer system remains secure for ever. We highly recommend creating private keys and certificates locally on the computer that uses them for the best level of security.

If you want to create a CSR or a self-issued SSL certificate on your local computer, you can use the free OpenSSL tool with the following commands:

New private key + CSR: openssl req -out toca.csr -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout myprivate.key

New private key + Self Issued SSL: openssl req -x509 -nodes -days 365 -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout myprivate.key out selfsigned.pem